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        How To Choose The Right Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer

        Dec. 18, 2018

        Do you know how to choose the right Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer? Today's professional manufacturers of Belt Vulcanizer China will give you some guidance.

        The factory recommends that the construction environment and whether it is required to be explosion-proof; the requirements of the site are general joint/belt repair or natural cooling/water cooling system; power supply conditions: 380V/660V; working pressure, conveyor belt variety, process and structure Etc.; the size of the vulcanizer bandwidth, the conveyor belt bandwidth; the length of the vulcanizer joint, the conveyor belt specifications, etc. to consider the choice of the Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer. Customers can check and purchase these steps to help you choose a cost-effective vulcanizer.

        Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer

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