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        PU PE Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer Adopts Integrated Design

        Dec. 19, 2018

        Our Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer adopts integrated design, air-cooled PVC/PU tape vulcanizing machine is suitable for width: 300mm-1500mm; suitable for PVC conveyor belt, thermoplastic belt material; portable, light weight, using standard aviation packaging. Convenient for all kinds of field use; fast bonding, heating time plus cooling time of no more than 12 minutes; integrated design: integrated air cooling system and built-in air compressor. Ensure fast cooling, automatic pressurization, No need for any pumps or other air compressors; reliable automatic temperature control, and time control, air pressure controllers that display current pressure.

        This is the Design of Belt Vulcanizer, any else information, please call us at any time.

        PU PE Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer Adopts Integrated Design

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