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      1. Home > Products > Hot Press Splicing Machine > PA Air Cooled Press
        • HOLO PA Air Cooled Press
        • HOLO PA Air Cooled Press
        • HOLO PA Air Cooled Press
        • HOLO PA Air Cooled Press
        • HOLO PA Air Cooled Press

        HOLO PA Air Cooled Press

        Product Description
        Product Description

          1.Air Cooling

             Use High Quality Axial fan from Taiwan,With CE.

             Anodizing Surface,no painting.


          2.Clamp Bar Studs&Thumbnuts

            Fix tightly long belt in case of sliding


          3.Completed Splicing Process Within 12 mins

          Eurotherm Controller from UK,

          SMC pressure controller from Japan


          4.Electric Connect(500V)

          From WAIN ELECTRICAL with CE.

          Simply plug it into electricity and it's ready for use


          5.Flight Box with Wheels

          It's easy to bring anywhere for belt splicing and work on-site

        Features and Benefits:
        Features and Benefits:

          ?Splice times as short as 8-12 minutes .

          ?All-in-one unit with no external components .

          ?Two dwell levels of temperature for different conveyor belt  .

          ?Light and easy to handle.


        Accessories and options

          ?Press stand and extension cable is option for efficiency in the fabrication workshop.


        Reinforce Type

          On 2016,HOLO has rainforce type for all cooled press machine from 1500mm -2100mm

          Product Model :PA1500H PA1800H PA2100H

          With two rainforce bar on the top beam ,it helps enhance machine strength to avoid top beam  bow when heating .

        Technical Datasheet

        Tool SpecificationsPA300PA600PA900PA1200PA1500PA1500HPA1800HPA2100H
        Effective length305 mm610 mm914 mm1219mm1524mm1524mm1829mm2160mm
        Effective width130 mm130 mm130 mm130mm130mm130mm130mm130mm
        Weight lower part10 kg16 kg20 kg28.5KG30KG45KG32KG36kg
        Weight upper part11 kg13 kg18 kg25.5KG30KG53KG42KG55kg
        Weitht Bumper/////37kg43kg
        Total weight21 kg30 kg38 kg54KG62KG100KG121KG142kg
        Length505 mm805 mm1105 mm1405mm1705mm1705mm2005mm2360mm
        Overall Height220 mm225 mm225 mm225mm225mm225mm225mm255mm
        Overall Width250mm250mm250mm250mm250mm255mm255mm255mm
        Max. pressure2Bar2Bar2 Bar2bar2bar2bar2bar2bar
        Max. temperature200 ?C200 ?C200 ?C200 ?C200 ?C200 ?C200 ?C200 ?C
        Dimensions fortransport (mm)712 x 352 x280 1012 x 352 x 280 1312 x 352 x 2801612 x 352 x 2801912 x 352 x 2801912 x 352 x 2802212*352*3002567*352*300
        Weight for transport26 kg35 kg43 kg84KG96KG153kg176KG219KG

        Electric Power

        Single PH/220V9A13A18A27A33A33A

        Three PH/230V5A8A9A13A16A16A18A20A
        Three PH/380V5A8A9A13A16A16A18A20A
        Three PH/460V5A8A9A13A16A16A